About Us

We are a small home grown cattery, raising our kittens under foot. My daughter and I do this together. We have three queens located at each of our homes. Our girls and their babies get a lot of attention, socialization is key in providing a happy kitten. Our babies are exposed to dogs and loved by children.

The health of our cats is our #1 priority. All of our adult cats are genetically tested and regularly vetted.

Our kittens go home with a nose to tail exam from our veterinarian, age appropriate vaccines and wormed. Our veterinarian sends along their health record and a exam report for the litter.

Our pricing starts at $1100.00 and tops out at $1500.00 depending on color of the kitten. This is our price for limited pet registration. Occasionally we do sell kittens with breeding rights and price accordingly contact us for details. The fee to get on our wait list is $300.00 and up and is NON refundable. This fee does apply to your kitten when selection has been made. Call, text or email us for kitten availability.

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We have babies!

Luna will have some availibility

Luna’s cute little kitten puddle

Piper and Simon have given us a lovely litter and will have some availibility.

Piper sure gave us some cute chocolates

Queen Luna is chocolate mitted. She carries cinnamon and dilute. We get some beautiful colored litters from her.

Queen CocoPuff is our chocolate bi color girl. Like her mommy, Luna, CocoPuff carries cinnamon and dilute and gives us beautiful colorful litters. Cocopuff has given us some very sweet babies.

Princess Piper is the daughter of our now retired Queen Mocha. Piper carries chocolate.

Queen Prue 😻😻😻Prue is reserved and will be going to her new home in Phoenix very soon. is our lovely lilac mitted girl. What a delight she is! She can give us seal, blue, chocolate and lilac kittens. Prue has the very best disposition and is a fabulous mommy!

ATTENTION; 💜💜😻😻💜💜Prue is retiring from breeding. She was spayed 12-29-2022 and her vaccines were all updated. She is 2 1/2 years old and in excellent health. We are looking for her forever home. A fee does apply. Please email or text for more details about adding beautiful Prue to your home

Queen Gracie, our blue mitted girl she has the sweetest temperament and follows us from room to room. Gracie is an amazing mommy!

Queen Paige Is such a beauty! She is our seal bi color girl, second generation born in our home. Paige Carrie’s chocolate and dilute and is a very sweet girl. She grew up riding in a doll carriage and being dressed up in baby doll cloths. Paige has passed her loving personality on to her babies

King Maverik

King Maverik is our 15 pound chocolate mitted traditional boy. He is thick and handsome! Maverik has the sweetest disposition and is passing his personality down to his beautiful kittens. Maverik Carrie’s cinnamon and dilute so we are getting a variety of colors in his litters.

King Simon is our cinnamon mink boy. He is blessing us with some very large beautiful kittens.