Thank you!

As we wind down our year we want to take the time to thank all of our kitten families for providing such a great loving environment for our babies! Also a big thank you to everyone we have spoken to about this great breed. We love our ragdolls like children. We love to talk about them and welcome people to give us a call any time.

Our last two litters of 2020 are spoken for but we are looking forward to an exciting 2021! Luna has had a “date” with Simon. We are currently waiting to confirm a pregnancy. This litter can produce both traditional and mink kittens. We should also see some cinnamon color. We are planning our matings for the 2021 breeding season and as our kitties have “dates” we will announce here. Again thank you for a great 2020, with everything that our world has gone through this year you have been our happy😻

Published by mrc99006

Co-Owner and manager of SnugglePuff Ragdolls

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